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Editing , Prep, & Production Assistance

​​Take Me Swimming (2017, in production)

Role: Assistant to Art Director

Directed by Claire Dix

Produced by Roisin Geraghty

Short narrative film shot on location in Co. Kerry, Ireland, with support from the Irish Film Board

​​Rethinking Power: A Community Response to Hurricane Katrina (2013)

Role: Footage Prep/Assistant Editor

Directed by kamau ware

Produced by Tanisha Christie

"A short film (28 minutes) inspired by the Red Hook Initiative and the community response in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook after Hurricane Sandy."

>> Watch the trailer here


The Search for General Tso (2014)

Role: Post-Production Animation Prep Intern

"From Wicked Delicate Films and Jennifer 8 Lee, author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, comes a new feature-length documentary about America's most popular Chinese-American food: General Tso's chicken... Run time: 72 minutes" -- Wicked Delicate Films official website

>> Watch the trailer here.

Bluespace (2015)

Role: Post-Production Footage Prep Intern

"BLUESPACE is a feature documentary about the terraforming of Mars and the waterways of New York City. Runtime: 70 minutes." -- Wicked Delicate Films official website

>> Watch the trailer here.

Down Here: a Cora Dance/Shannon Hummel performance (2013)

Role: Assistant Videographer

Modern dance performance in Brooklyn, NY. 

"down here is a powerfully choreographed story that is simultaneously about relationships and a particular relationship featuring Katie Dean and Calia Marshall." [words from video director kamau ware - see more here]

>> Watch excerpts here



Through the Mirror (2013)

Role: Production Assistant

Directed by Lewis Smithingham

Written by Iorgo Papoutsas 

"...a haunting and outlandish magic realism art/dance film... an attempt to go beyond the image we carry of ourselves, beyond our limited perception of who we truly are; or more precisely, daring to go through the looking glass and the refusal of facing our own inner prisons."

See more info on IMBD

>> Watch excerpts here.

Actor Reel: Elisa Noemi (2015) 

Creative Director/Performer: Elisa Noemi

Role: Editor

Software: Adobe CS6 Premiere

Intro Video to "Madea", theater performance (2012) 

Creative Director/Commissioner: Jenna Tamimi

Role: Editor

Software: Final Cut Pro