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© 2019 Clara Dudley

I asked Clara to edit my Acting Reel because I knew her to be not only a highly skilled video Editor, but also a generous collaborator, someone I could fully trust in the creative process to co-create an artistic vision. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Clara, and am proud and profoundly grateful for the way she dedicated her time and vision to our project, producing an excellent Reel that represents me in a way only she could have created.  I have received numerous compliments on my Acting Reel, and the thanks goes all to Clara.  I would trust her with any collaborative project in the future. [See project here].

Los Angeles, CA

Clara appeared in my life at the perfect time. I was about one year into having my first photography studio and was looking at my next strategic decision: an equipment upgrade or a Studio Manager. It was one of my best decisions to team up with Clara as my first Studio Manager to develop my storytelling practice for the future. She is pleasant, multi-talented, and helped me build a foundation that serves my clients and my artistic work years later.

Brooklyn, NY

I needed to make a flier for my event, and I wanted a specific kind of 'feel' to it. Clara listened patiently while I tried to describe the essence of what I wanted. She promptly sent me some ideas, and had obviously listened to what I had said closely. Everyone who was involved with the original visioning applauded [the] draft. She captured the feeling perfectly. [See project here].

Adam Larue, Outdoors Educator

Sunny Valley, OR

I commissioned Clara to paint a surprise wedding portrait for my friends' one year anniversary, but I wanted something more personal and in tune with their tastes as opposed to anything traditional. After discussing some ideas, Clara beavered away and came back to me with a beautiful and intuitive concept. Layering the painting with references, designs and beloved ideas of the couple, the final piece was welcomed with flattering and gracious awe upon presentation. I was so happy that they loved the painting and that Clara had the imagination, time and reverence to produce a piece deserving of their relationship.

Daire Hall, Videographer

Dublin, Ireland

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