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© 2019 Clara Dudley

Acrylic Paintings Series

This series of portraits, modeled from photographs, was developed over 18 months. It began in Dublin, Ireland, in December 2013,  and culminated in San Francisco in July 2015. The modeled photos for these pieces are all of real-life friends of mine, taken off of Facebook or via email; the series sought to re-connect these friends across the physical and temporal divides of a fragmented time in my life, many of whom lived far away from me or had once inhabited my daily life at various pivotal points in time. Bringing them out from the digital void of social media into a lively visual monument was a way of honoring these friendships.

The works were done on stretched canvas with acrylic paint and chalk pencil details. They were shown on July 30, 2015 at Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco. More info on that show can be found here.