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© 2019 Clara Dudley

Acrylic Painting Series

As a set of 4 paintings created in acrylic on loose canvas, stretched canvas, or wood board, this surrealist series explores psychological themes of self-actualization, alienation, existential threat, lost futures, and imagination. I drew on numerous artistic references to create the concepts—all of which orbit around children as main subjects within magical yet risk-entrenched environs. A mixed imagery of urban and natural formations, references to outer space, and visual links to 1950’s style, pop, and street art, and graphic novel illustration all inform the series. The concept of empowerment through self-expression builds a central visual language, as the subjects must simultaneously confront and create the turbulent world(s) around them. I worked to portray this in a universal sense, and while the children are often "drawing" their world in chalk, this theme applies to a deeper instinct to extract from within that which impacts the world without.

These paintings were featured in the literary journal Puerto del Sol, including as the cover design and for t-shirts and posters. Check out more info about this project here.